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PMSH3 Mimosa Mile 2023

02/25 02:00 PM

A Mimosa Mile event hosted by PMSH3

Cost: $35*

Join us for the Panhandle Madams of Shiggy's first Manvitational Mimosa Mile. It's our inaugural co-ed event. There are limited regos and will be taken in order of payment, not registration time. You must be paid for your rego to be valid.

PAYMENT - send via Friends and Family to Tig.o.bitties.hhh@gmail.com or @Tighhh - if you chose to add an additional donation or pre-pay for raffle tickets, be sure to add it to your rego total.

There are two rego options:
PARTICIPANT - your rego covers your mimosa fixings, food and beverages at the on-after, as well as a special completion prize and a gimme $35 OR
SPECTATOR - your rego covers a gimme, food and beverages at the on after and you have the pleasure of watching the shenanigans of the PMS Mimosa Mile $20

A portion of each rego will go to our selected charity, Friend to Friend, https://www.friendtofriend.me/. We will also be raffling off items to add to our donation. You may pre-pay for raffle tickets or buy day of the event.

What is a Mimosa Mile? Each participant will be provided a bottle of bubbly, juice, and a vessel. At the start, they will consume the contents of the vessel and then begin their first lap. Once they complete their first lap they will consume another vessel and repeat until the course has been completed (1 mile) AND the bottle & juice have been consumed. A leaderboard will be maintained based on final times. MM reserves the right to modify slightly and award penalties. Final rules will be available at Check-in.

COVID Caveats - Exact requirements will be sent out to all who are registered and paid dependent upon current situation at the time of the event, but expect a test requirement at minimum.

If you are unable to attend for any reason, please let MM know as soon as possible and we will send you your gimmes after the event and thank you for your donation to our charity.

PAYMENT - send via Friends and Family to Tig.o.bitties.hhh@gmail.com or @Tighhh - if you chose to add an additional donation or pre-pay for raffle tickets, be sure to add it to your rego total.

Trail shoes, sunscreen, bug spray, a chair, and extra $ for the raffle

Start Location Details

Fayetteville, NC

Start Location TBA

Schedule of Events

1400: Check-in
1420: Chalk Talk / Mimosa Mile Destructions
1430: Mimosa Mile begins

After completion of the mile by all participants the raffle and food will begin.

*please note all times subject to Hash Time

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