Registration for OmahaH3 NASH HASH 2018

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Event Liability Waiver

I understand that "Hashing" is an activity which involves running, walking, climbing, and crawling on all types of terrain and under all types of conditions, including but not limited to, darkness, heat, cold, rain, mud, etc. I also understand that Hashing involves the consumption of lots and lots of alcohol before, during and after each run. I acknowledge that Hashing is an inherently HAZARDOUS ACTIVITY and involves a significant risk of great bodily and physical injury and/or death. I also acknowledge that other person or persons participating in Nash Hash 2018 may endanger me by their conduct. I also agree to participate in Leroy Jenkins whenever possible, without spilling my beverage on myself or others … well… maybe on others is acceptable. By registering for this event, I attest to the fact that I am 21 years of age and agree to take full responsibility for my actions during this event. I hereby release and indemnify all persons, groups, and bodies concerned with the organization and conducting of Nash Hash 2018 from any claims, or actions whatsoever arising from any injury, loss, or damage to myself or my property suffered through my participation in the event.