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No Frills 2023 2023

07/28 02:00 PM to 07/30 12:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $69

What you need is a chill weekend of good food, good people and good hashing in the lovely rolling hills of central Missouri! No Frills Campout was born from the need to bring my hasher friends (old and those I haven’t met yet) together from far and wide. I’ve added a few frills over the years, but this is still a hasher family effort! Have a game? Bring it! Speakers? Bring them! Left over booze? Bring it!!!!

What do you get for your $69?

BEER – Trails – Dinner Fri&Sat – Breakfast Sat&Sun – Lunch Sat – Beer Challenge Mile – Pool – Hasher Games – Bonfire – BEER!

Out of towners: If you are flying in – let me know, there may be room for you in the cabin, so you don’t have to pack a tent. Also, the bitty travel camper may be available to one or two of you.

Camping will be tents or hammocks. There are tons of trees to make an awesome Hammock City, if that’s your jam.

Dogs are welcome but I can’t guarantee that they will be allowed on the hasher bus. You may need to provide your own transport to trail.

The pool is clothing optional. Keep your bits covered outside of the pool area during the day. Hasher kids should not come but if you want to bring those fabulous squishy hasher babies during the day, that’s cool. Trail will NOT be stroller friendly. After dark is adults only.

Stone Soup Bar will make a come-back! I’ll provide the mixers. You bring your orphan or donated bottles of booze. The bar has darts, drinking games and just a spot to chill in the evening.

Friday Night – Trail Beer Mile WITH Dumb Challenges! Solo or team

Saturday night is glow night! Mostly because it is freakin’ dark out where I live!

Please carpool if you can! I have room for about 30 cars and will arrange for overflow parking if needed but it’d be easier if we can keep the car count reasonable.

Be sure to bring a chair and a vessel!
PayPal $69 (friends and family) to mcevoykirstin@gmail.com

Be sure to include your Hash name AND nerd name!!!

See you at No Frills!

Tent, Chair, Vessel, Booze to donate (beer and danger water, and regular water provided), Glow stuff, games, etc

Schedule of Events

Check in in the afternoon
Beer Challenge Mile - 6 pm ish
Dinner - 7:30 pm ish

Bloody Mary Bar & Coffee & Breakfast
Beer Yoga - 10 am ish
Trail with Lunch on trail - Noonish
Never Leave Campers - DIY schedule! Makes us jealous of your shenanigans!
Dinner - 6 ish
Glow night - Darkish

Fatboy Trail - 10ish
Bugout - Noonish
Go to STLH3 trail Sunday afternoon!

Public Event

See the full list!

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