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This event will cap at 40 PAID Regos. Regos are not guaranteed until paid.

MosquitoH3 Campout 2022

06/03 06:00 PM to 06/05 10:00 AM

A MosquitoH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $69

Welcome to Mosquito Campout 2022! Celebrating the 18th Anal-versary of the Mosquito H3 - The event will be capped at 40 regos
We are going to tap the Yuengling keg Friday evening, come imbibe with the brethren in the nectar of the gods that pours forth.
--Please note: Mosquitos will get the first option to rego--then rego will open to other hashers.
--ALSO: Please do not share this invite until it is open to all on May 1st (maybe sooner).

-No Dogs
-No Glass
-No Refunds - Only Transfers
-Transfer of funds are the responsibility of the parties involved and will not go through MisManagement.
-Regos are held ONLY with payment

-Meals (Friday Dinner; Saturday Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner; Sunday Breakfast)

Not Included:
-Your sleeping quarters and personal needs
-Dumping fees (RV's etc)
Electric / Dumping extra cost
If you're interested in this option, it is available at your own cost. Please contact MisManagement for details.

Start Location Details

The Mosquito Camp Out will be held at Lake Somerville at Welch Park on Friday, June 3 to Sunday, June 5th.

30.33385372481793, -96.53867890921896

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