Trail $10


Enjoy titties and beer like the good lords intended!!

This is the Culmination of a 12 month MisManagement cycle! We get rid of the assholes that have ran the kennel for 11months longer than they should have and welcome in a new group of suckers...I mean hashers... to MisManage the shit out of Jacksonville H3!

Revel in glory that is the democratic process as all the votes for new MisManagment are brought forth into public eye for all to recognize and celebrate! We Start at a strip club... one in particular because the owner owes me a favor. Shiggy trail and then Erections and then a great big food type potluck!

Awards will be given out to include "Hare of the Year!", Hare patches for the dedicated hares this year, and even Run tags for those that have been out to enough Jacksonville trails!

Everyone that

Scurvy Seadog, Three's Company (JaxH3)

Titties and Beer

Rego Closed

Online Rego for this event is closed. Please contact the Organizers if you still want to attend.

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