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Jax Beach H3

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Jax Beach H3

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JaxBeachH3 7th anal Kings vs Queens 2018

05/05 01:00 PM

A JaxBeachH3 Pub Crawl

Cost: $25


Squirting Bull


Save the date for this special K vs Q where boys will be girls and girls will be boys. We will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo, the Birthday of the Hare AND the Lucky 7th year of fun!
Come dressed as Frida Kahlo, Pancho Villa, Carlos Santana, Carmen Miranda, Speedy Gonzales...you get the idea!
We will have the foods of the Mexicanos, shot stop and PATCHES! Patches, I could use some stinkin' patches.

Hare: Squirting Bull
Cost $25 PayPal F&F~ KvsQ@mail.com

More details to cum....

Cinco de Mayo/Drag Queens & Kings

$ for extra credit fun!

Start Location Details

EDIT: Start location has been changed. Plenty of street parking!

702 Dellwood Ave Jacksonville, FL 32204 United States

Public Event

10 Hashers came:

Jaws Fisteen

Ride the Shark!!

Squirting Bull

I heart Clams.....

Three's Company (JaxH3)

Jacksonville H3



Pack My Assphalt


Peg U Lator