Registration for HOBOH3 Lingerie ShiggyFest 2018 featuring Dead Elvis Trail 2018

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Event Liability Waiver


I swear I am of legal drinking age even if only by years, not maturity level.

Disclaimer: I agree, that because I am defined as being a member of the human race, I am capable of self determination, and that, in determining what I myself might do, I will hold no other member of the human race responsible for any blatant acts of stupidity which may cause me grievous harm, including, but not limited to: running into trees, falling off logs, third degree burns from jumping naked over roaring fires, rashes caused by intimate social contact, poisoning or other sickness caused by excessive intake of alcohol, or bites from any animals, wild or domestic, which I may have baited with food or feigned kindness.

Furthermore, I will refrain from any acts which may annoy our host, the landowner, or cause damage to his property. That I will also refrain from crude acts, sexual or brutish in nature, or unnatural thoughts that may cause emotional trauma to genteel ladies (if I can find any).

Additionally, I will direct bodily secretions toward appropriate receptacles, with the receptacle owner's consent. And lastly, I assent to being bodily removed from the premises, at gun point if necessary (or choked out), should I fail to meet accepted standards of hash behavior, as defined by the executive committee.

Furthermore, I understand that refunds will not be issued, but rego transfers are allowed.