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I am the eye in the sky, looking at you....

GhostH3 Hunted Woods and Spirited Spectacle 2021 2021

04/17 12:00 PM to 04/18 11:00 PM

A GhostH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $20


This is a LOW KEY, non-asshole camp out. Well, I am cumming, but you know what I mean. We are limiting this camp out to VERY LOW numbers(24).

There will not be a Keg. It will be BYOS. We ask for anyone joining to self-medicate responsibly. If your substance is coffee? fine. Tobacco? ok, just don't catch the swamp on fire. It happens. Check out https://science.howstuffworks.com/nature/natural-disasters/swamps-and-wildfires-dangerous-combination.htm

This camp is about shiggy, kayaking, chillin around a fire Singing, and telling ghost stories--not about getting blacked out drunk. This is a State Park. Not a gay resort or a nudist colony. If you don't think you can abide, then please, do not rego. If you do want to get blacked out, fine. Just make sure you don't get all Broke Bucket and not have your supervisor around to re-direct you.

We will be camping in a known haunted area. We may even do a Séance to entice an appearance. Spiritual guides, Wickens and Séance masters welcome to attend. Everyone else, bring your magic dust, crystals, magic wands and good sprits. I will be there for the boos. (Boos he wanted, boobs he got! oooooooH).

Animals welcome. If one is kayaking, and kayaking without them, please be responsible with babysitting of your beastie.

Food Menu to be decided by vote on the Ghost Coast H3 Page. If you find yourself particularly skillful in something and want to offer your service, we will consider every offer. I mean any offer. Anyway, back on subject...we will serve dinner and breakfast.

We will be staying Friday night, anyone else who would like to choose this option, please double the cost. Thank You very much.
Much Love,
Dead Ant, GM.

Bring your own substance. (BYOS), snacks, tent, camping accessories as needed. Camp Chair. Cranium lamp. Kayack if you have one; if not, let us know and lets work on borrowing one, or renting one as the case may be. Extra Shoes and clothes. Whistle (required for every trail).

Start Location Details

George L Smith State Park (Near Metter, Georgia)


Schedule of Events

12 PM (Noon). Pack your camping shit to the camp. It's like a half mile from the parking area, so don't bring your big items. We can help the ladies; men? well, fucking man-up. Nefarious identity? Tell us if you need help. This is camping, not glamping. (Some of the camps may open earlier, we will not know until a night or two before. If not cleared out, we can go kayaking. The lake is BEAUTIFUL).
1300: Lake kayaking--short trip around. Nothing serious.
1500 PM Opening Circle and trail #1 (Potential Hares, sign-up now on the Ghost coast page!).
1700/1800 Feast of the dead.
1900 camp fire opening; Memento Mori, Bone Head awards, Down-Down of the year awards, Naming ceremonies prn. Ghost Story competition and award. Séance.

2200 Shooting Star/Ghost DanceTrail. (Potential Hares, sign-up now on the Ghost coast page!!)

7am Kayak Trail. Hares Dead Ant and Ghoul Gingers. We will take a well marked trail, the Red Trail until 8am, Then kayak back.--then start breakfast unless a non-kayaker wants the job.

If one isn't into breakfast, one may kayak to the end of the trail and back. This took Ghoul Vagingers and I roughly 4 hours the last time we went, but we also did a lot of sun soaking and chilling.

9AM Breaking the Vow of Silence. Oh yeah, and breakfast. Infused Bloody Mary's and Mimosa's for returned Kayakers--hosted by the Hares. You don't Kayak, fuck you, drink your own shit.

11am. GTFO.

Arrive when you do. pack in, set up.

1600: Kayak
1900: Dinner
2000: fire and shoot the shit.

Public Event

See the full list!

1 Hasher cumming


Vagingers in Babysitting

Ghost Coast Hash House Hariers