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GhostH3 5th Anal Murder of Harambe Memorial Trail (100% Shiggy)

05/29 02:00 PM

A GhostH3 Trail

Cost: $10




This trial is traditionally, 100% shiggy. There is no skirting water and mud, and stinky as a Gorilla's-ass swap-sludge. That's all there is.

We do provide toe-tags to all participants. There will be patches available for purchase, as well as some old patches from trails past.

Lots of shot/drink stops including but not limited to:

Brass monkey
Banana shot
Snake bite.
(and last year, Nip Slit drank the hand sanitizer)

'ol Limp Dicks with tippy, chugs and romper balls.
Adult Penis-yata.

This trail is not animal friendly, unless said animal can handle about 5 miles of pure shig.

The Hares Tradition:
The third year we started keeping track of the FRBs. The FRB gets a memorial name necklace made especially for the occasion by Southern Hashpitality (drama). We would like to offer the first two years of FRBs the same award, we just don't know who they were. The On-sec for SavH3 may have a record, but otherwise. Nope. Anyone who has Hared the trail or was a FRB, they then have the honor of being able to Hare the trail in future events. The name on the beads read "Harambe's (and then a part of their hash name)".

Harambe's Hares include:
Harambe's Ass
Harambe's Bucket
Harambe's Ginger
2017 Savannah H3: FRB (unknown)
2018Savannah H3: FRB(unknown)
2019 Nomad H3: FRB: Harambe's Porks
2020 Ghost Coast H3: Harmbe's Underbaker
2021 Ghost Coast H3: TBD (Will you be the over-achiever in 2021?)

Banana's, Gorillas, Abused and deserted children, bad moms.

1) One may want to Uber to and from event. You are likely to not be sober by the end. This is a real shit show. 2) shiggy socks. 3) clothes to change into. 4) whistle in case one gets separated and is stuck in the mud. 4) buy an extra liver as a back-up. 5) change of clothes and shoes. 6) money/card for on-after.

Location Details

Whitemarsh Preserve Trails

Hwy 80 and Bryan Woods Rd. Savannah, GA (Whitemarsh Island)

Tubbys Tank House

2909 River Dr, Savannah, GA 31404

Public Event

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