04/13 - CTrH3 1800's Campout 2018

Hash Campout $51

Cum be part of the first batch of half-minds to camp out with the Trash this year! We gave little to no thought to the theme for this historic campout, but we can assure you there will be beer, games, boobies, beer, music, food, beer, boobies, various liquors, bonfire, camping, beer, and the occasional schlong flopping about.

We will post the schedule and more details soon, but one thing is certain-- there will be beer (and boobies).

Rego price is $49 (+$2 PP fee) = $51 --You can pay with the PayPal button after you register.

or... you can avoid the $2 fee and pay $49 flat by sending your PayPal amount ($49) directly to hashcash@ctrh3.com

-Deadline for payment is 1 April


If we build it, you will cum!

*see the wizard

Cum what may


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