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Capture the Keg 2021

09/17 03:00 PM to 09/19 03:00 PM

A Hash Campout

Cost: $99

Are you ready for a capture the flag meets manhunt themed hash event at your favorite nudist resort called “Capture the Keg”? You bet your sweet sweet ass you are! Cum join us at SVR September 17-19, 2021 for drunken shenanigans! Food will be provided friday night, Saturday morning and night and Sunday morning. Gimmies include a tshirt and a patch. And hashers need to call BG (813) 300-4088 or email bg@suwanneevalleyresort.comfor booking cabins and such.
To pay rego!

Download the VENMO app, then send on VENMO to @hugh-morrison-1

-------- Schedule of Events -------
5-8pm check-in (pick up your gimmie and pitch a tent)
7pm-Dinner provided
930 HST-Naked Pirate H3 trail/tent shot crawl
Saturday Morning- 8-10am Breakfast
9am -1pm. pool time/ hangover recovery (bar opens 9am).
1pm Circle for game time - capture the keg
Note- we will be splitting everyone up into 5-6 teams
4pm ish- end circle, pool time, private tent time (wink, wink)
7pm-Dinner provided.
8pm- Naked Pirate themed reception/party. Wear your Pirate garb!
11pm- Naked Pirate H3 trail – Bring nothing but an eyepatch
8-10am- Included breakfast
11am- hangover trail. Then get the fuck out

Start Location Details

Suwannee Valley Resort

786 N W Stephen Foster Dr, White Springs, FL 32096

Public Event

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