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BLH3 2017 Big Lick H3 Anny hash camp out 2017

09/16 02:00 PM to 09/17 11:00 PM

A BLH3 Hash Campout

Cost: $40

It's that time again wanks! Big Lick Anny Hash 2017!!

We found a sweet little festival site to host our debauchery so bring your camping gear and a thirst for beer, but leave your dignity at home!

We will have a good ol' fashioned cookout Saturday night.
We will be running a trail and playing games.
Hell, we might even do a talent/drag show!
Oh...and lots of beer.
Don't forget are Pre-lube bar crawl event as well for Friday. https://hashrego.com/events/blh3-gqla-once-a-year-thing-2017

It will be swag given away at this event so list a shirt size in rego and give me a email so I can send you to location of this top secret hash location once you pay!!!!!

its anny bring naket asses and white under roos

camping gear, any snacks, or testical drinks if you can't drink large amounts of beer

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10 Hashers came:

Bland Slam

Co-hare extraordinaire!

Daddy's Pearl Necklace


I Am Sharticus


Powerless Bottom


Save a Horse, Ride My Ass


The Touch The Feel Of Cotton