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Bell-Scott H3 Red Dress

11/16 01:00 PM

A Trail

Cost: $30*


Hailey's Comet


Friday Night Prelube: Will start at Copper Fire at 1900 then will make our way to the Cigar Inn.

RDR: Meet at 1300 hrs at 21 N Church Belleville . Plenty of parking and walking or hobbling distance of the hotel. Food and Bevy's will be provided and we will depart at 1400.

Your hare will be Halley's Comet!

On after will be at 313 E Main. We will have food and the bar will have some 80s drink specials ! They will also have a DJ playing 80s music and giving out glow sticks. It is 80s theme during that day on Main. Don't forget the high hair!

Sunday for those who want to join Brunch about 11ish at 4204 W Main.

Cost of RDR: $25(cost increase Oct 31) paypal kristinbeasley@hotmail.com
Please also e-mail me your hash/muggle name so I can keep everyone straight.

What you get: Besides drunk, umm a patch, plenty of food, and giveaways, debauchery, and dressing up in Red.

The charity will be the VFW National Home for Children.

please bring hash cash

**If paying the day of please have exact amount. Unless you are contributing extra to the charity .

Hash Hotel--Super 8
600 E Main St
Belleville, IL 62220
United States

80's Red Dress

ID, Cash, Red Dress, Cold weather gear(We are in eff'n Illinois in November)

Location Details

The Office Lounge

21 N Church Street, Belleville IL 62220

Big Daddy's 618

313 E Main St, Belleville, IL 62220

Super 8

Call them at 618-234-9670

600 E main Str, Belleville, IL 62220

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Urine Trail

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