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AVLH3 10th Annual Blue Dress Run and Trail #500!

08/11 01:00 PM

A AVLH3 Trail

Cost: $35


National Pornographic, Zero to Zorro, Front Running Princess



WHAT: Back in 2009, the Asheville Hash House Harriers​ started the annual Bele Chere Run, where the hashers ran through the annual street parade in Asheville, NC known as "Bele Chere​." A few years later, the event was such a draw that we decided to make it a dress event, because nothing freaks out street preachers more than men in dresses. Bele Chere went the way of the dinosaur, but we still host our annual Blue Dress Run every summer.

WHERE: 122 Lyman Street, Asheville, NC 28801

WHEN: Saturday, August 11, 2018 at 1pm. Please arrive at the start between 1:00-1:30 to check in. Hares out at 2:00, pack out at 2:15.

HARES: National Pornographic, Zero to Zorro, and Front Running Princess

HASH CASH: $35. All additional donations will go to our charity (TBD)! Consider bringing extra cash for extra credit, fancier beverages than hash beer, on-aftering, and of course to buy even more awesome AVLH3 swag that will be available for purchase.

CHARITY: Journeymen Asheville, a nonprofit that supports adolescent males in their transformation to becoming men of integrity by modeling authentic masculinity, supporting self-awareness and emotional growth in a community that honors their youthful energy.

-Some beautiful wanks parading around in blue dresses!
-Hours of drinking with multiple stops
-A good mix of shitty beer, craft beer, and other beverages!
-Awesome swag
-Toe tag to show off to your friends
-Shitty trail
-Pizza after closing circle
-Helping out a great charity!
-More details to come. ON-ON!

Blue Dress Run

Start Location Details

Parking lot at the top of the hill

122 Lyman Street, Asheville, NC 28801

Public Event

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Front Running Princess

Asheville Hash House Harriers
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National Pornographic

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